The Pulltops, a dynamic duo from Milwaukee, are igniting a firestorm with their latest single, “3-2-1 Go!” Bursting with infectious energy and unbridled enthusiasm, this track is more than just music—it’s a shot of adrenaline straight to the soul. At its core, “3-2-1 Go!” is an anthem for dreamers and doers alike. It’s a call to action, urging listeners to throw caution to the wind and pursue their passions with unwavering determination. The driving rhythms and catchy melodies propel the song forward, creating an exhilarating sense of urgency that’s impossible to ignore.

What sets The Pulltops apart is their ability to blend genres seamlessly. Drawing from their eclectic influences, they infuse elements of alternative rock, power pop, and country rock into the mix, creating a sound that’s uniquely their own. The result is a sonic experience that feels both familiar and refreshingly new, with each layer adding depth and dimension to the track. One of the standout features of “3-2-1 Go!” is its infectious hooks. From the opening chords to the soaring choruses, every moment is designed to get stuck in your head and keep you coming back for more. It’s the kind of song that demands to be blasted at full volume, with windows down and spirits high.

But beyond its undeniable catchiness, “3-2-1 Go!” also carries a powerful message of empowerment. It’s a reminder that no dream is too big and no obstacle too daunting when you have the courage to take that first step. In a world filled with uncertainty, this song serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, urging us all to keep moving forward, no matter what. In essence, “3-2-1 Go!” is more than just a song—it’s a declaration of independence, a celebration of resilience, and a testament to the unbreakable spirit of the human soul. So when life throws challenges your way, just remember to turn up the volume, press play, and let The Pulltops remind you that the journey is always worth it in the end.


I was going to say, what an unexpectedly funky intro, but then again, The Pulltops do revel in giving us the unexpected. And with only one previous encounter with them in the form of a their single, “Here We Are,” I’m not that well equipped to say if such a lead-in is unexpected or not.

What I will say is that it is the perfect way to set up this song; it sets up the pace and buoyancy, the tone and energy levels brilliantly, and that is all that matters, it’s a musical structure doing its job and doing it well.

But then again, any song called 3-2-1 Go! that didn’t head down such effervescent sonic highways would be missing a trick, but The Pulltops are no fools. So the song quickly reveals itself to be fun and fine-tuned, full of staccato bursts of energy and a wonderfully gratuitous groove built on bounce and energy.

It might lean more towards alt-pop or accessible indie, or even the smarter end of the dance genre but does so in a very sophisticated way. A brilliant blend of analogue traditions and digital dexterity, it buzzes as much with synth sounds as it does guitars and beats and basses. This balancing act makes for a satisfying mix, a reminder that synths and samples, musical manipulations and digital deskwork are just as viable a way of making music as thrashing guitars and hitting drums. Both have their place; only elitists and dinosaurs would argue otherwise, and when both are threaded together as deftly as they are here, the results are cutting edge and more than the sum of their parts, music that kicks arse and cuts the mustard, as they say on my side of the water.

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Do you know these mornings when the sun doesn’t seem to shine and dragging yourself out of bed feels like a monumental task? The Pulltops’s “3-2-1 Go” will turn these days around, getting you to shine ten times brighter than the sun and go places!

The Milwaukee-based duo, drummer Mark Pierret, and guitarist Tom Crowell, form the dynamic “The Pulltops,” mashing a wide range of musical influences, coming up with their own fiery sound, and creating catchy, empowering anthems like “3-2-1 Go.”

“3-2-1 Go” starts with an upbeat intro that sets the mood for something electrifying. Once the vocals kick in, you’ll feel that you’re ready to put your boots on and run till you reach the peak of your wildest dreams. The song is incredibly suitable for your running playlist, as you imagine yourself as the main character of a top-rated movie.

This uplifting song combines the energy of Alternative Rock and Power Pop to create a powerful sound. The retro synth adds a unique twist and perfectly complements the energetic vocals and the cinematic feel. The motivational lyrics work hand-in-hand with vibrant vocals, bouncy drums, and irresistible guitar riffs to create a positive and empowering atmosphere that will get you pumped up.

“This straight-ahead anthemic track is meant to inspire and get you off your feet and ready to take on the world!” The Pulltops said, and they surely did this effortlessly. Enjoy “3-2-1 Go” below and get ready to “feel the burning fire!”

Rock Era Magazine

Amid a plethora of diverse sounds and inspirations, two kindred spirits in Milwaukee’s thriving music scene came across one another. Mark Pierret, the drummer, and Tom Crowell, the guitarist, were lifelong record collectors who loved a wide variety of musical genres. Their friendship would eventually give rise to The Pulltops.

Their cooperation was infused with an avant-garde flair by Tom Crowell’s love with the experimental and underground culture, while Mark Pierret’s strong understanding of old country and soul music provided a soulful beat. Their common love of pop music and catchy hooks, despite coming from different backgrounds, served as the basis for their distinctive sound.

They were committed to pushing the boundaries of their profession and had a constant quest of musical greatness throughout their journey together. The Pulltops made a name for themselves in the alternative rock scene by engaging audiences with their contagious energy and dynamic performances, starting from modest beginnings in local clubs and continuing until the publication of their debut album.

The Pulltops released “3-2-1 Go!”, their newest musical masterpiece, on March 22nd, 2024. This song, which is bursting with energy and unrestrained passion, is a monument to the band’s development as a musical force. “3-2-1 Go!” is evidence of The Pulltops’ ability to create songs that emotionally connect with listeners, with its captivating melodies and powerful choruses. It acts as a reminder that we are able to overcome any obstacles and become stronger as a consequence. So take a seat, and get ready for a musical journey like no other. The Pulltops extend an invitation to embark on an exhilarating journey brimming with fervor, vigor, and an abundance of heart with their song “3-2-1 Go!”

The instant “3-2-1 Go!” by The Pulltops began playing, I was engulfed in a flurry of enthusiasm and energy. The song came on forcefully and demanded my attention, instead of building gradually. I could almost feel the band saying, “We’re here, and we’re ready to rock,” and I was excited to embark on this journey with them.

With the strong bass synth flow and the constant drum pounding, the opening bars struck me like a freight train, laying the groundwork for what was to come. As the song progressed, the bass guitar’s rich resonance and the electric guitar’s thrilling tone blended together to create a dynamic tapestry of sound that fully engulfed me. While the synths playedfully danced in the background, creating depth and complexity to the piece, the piano brought a touch of elegance to the proceedings.

But it was the way everything blended to produce an atmosphere of unrestrained excitement and energy that really drew my attention, not just the instrumentation. Every note in the song had an infectious vitality that was hard to ignore, as if it were pulsating with life. Additionally, the singer’s voice brought another level of emotion to the mix by gracefully and powerfully soar above the accompaniment. The voices were double-tracked, which only improved the experience by giving the music a deeper, richer quality that made it sound even better.

I was struck, as I listened to the lyrics of “3-2-1 Go!”, by the optimism and resolve that infused every word. In spite of hardship, the song encouraged listeners to embrace fresh starts and keep moving in the direction of their objectives. I found that phrases like “Put your boots on, Set your sights on a brand new day” really spoke to me and served as a helpful reminder of how important it is to be prepared and focused when pursuing our goals. Additionally, the countdown visual raised the stakes for the proceedings with its sense of suspense and adrenaline rush.

The most memorable part of “3-2-1 Go!” for me, though, was probably when the bass guitar took the lead. Its flowing, dance-like motions gave the song a sense of spontaneity and fun that turned it from a basic rock song into a genuine work of art. It was an incredible musical moment that I will never soon forget.

The Pulltops’ song “3-2-1 Go!” is more than simply a song; it’s evidence of the ability of music to motivate, inspire, and raise people. This song serves as an inspiring reminder to welcome life with open arms and pursue our aspirations with unflinching commitment thanks to its contagious energy, moving lyrics, and exquisite arrangement. Therefore, “3-2-1 Go!” by The Pulltops is the only song you need to listen to if you want a thrilling and breath-taking musical experience. You won’t be let down, I promise.


Get ready to experience a surge of energy and inspiration with the latest release from The Pulltops, a dynamic duo originating from Milwaukee. Their unique blend of Alternative Rock, Power Pop, Album Rock, and Country Rock promises to captivate audiences with its irresistible hooks and infectious melodies. Drummer Mark Pierret and guitarist Tom Crowell, both avid collectors of diverse musical genres, seamlessly merge their eclectic tastes in their collaborative efforts. 

While Pierret draws influence from old country and soul music, Crowell gravitates towards the experimental and underground scene. Despite these distinct musical backgrounds, the duo's shared love for pop music and strong hooks forms the cornerstone of their songwriting.

The Pulltops' newest single, "3-2-1o G!" is a high-energy anthem that urges listeners to wholeheartedly pursue their dreams. True to their distinctive style, the duo infuses elements of alternative rock and power pop, complemented by hints of country rock vocal flavor and synth textures that evoke a retro vibe.

The Pulltops' latest release exudes a palpable energy that electrifies their performance. It's a thrilling experience that sets our adrenaline pumping, with enchanting instrumentals and powerful vocals that resonate throughout. The well-sung chorus, echoing the catchy refrain "3-2-1 Go!", lingers in the listener's mind long after the song has ended, while the seamless musical transitions add to the overall appeal. "3-2-1 Go!" encapsulates a whole vibe, showcasing the band's skillful and creative performance across the board.

With its anthemic quality and contagious energy, "3-2-1 Go!" serves as a rallying cry for motivation and empowerment. It's a straight-ahead track that ignites a fire within listeners, propelling them to take on the world with determination and passion, knowing that anything is achievable with the right mindset.

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The Pulltops have long been stalwart fixtures in the Milwaukee music scene. As a duo consisting of drummer Mark Pierret and guitarist Tom Crowell, they have spent many years together working and developing their signature blend of hook-driven rock.

With a catalog spanning multiple singles and albums, The Pulltops have cemented themselves as icons of Milwaukee's music community. Their latest single "3-2-1 Go!" sees the band showing off their sound in a dynamic brand-new style. It displays both Mark and Tom's continued growth as songwriters and musicians.

You will be hooked right away by the bassline alone. It establishes a bouncy foundation that carries the song with smooth fluidity. It's the perfect accompaniment to the shimmering guitars, holding down the low end with funky finesse. Dig even deeper, and you'll find the music working in subtle arrangements that elevate the bass into a leading role of its own.

The guitar is what takes the song to amazing heights. The playing throughout "3-2-1 Go!" has a bright, summery quality that brings to mind warm beach days. The chords ring out with a crisp liveliness that keeps the energy high. The playing has the exuberance of someone relishing their craft. The solos dance around the bass with nimble dexterity. It all adds up to a guitar tone perfectly suited to weekends converted into one never-ending party. The keyboard works with vibrant colors in the songs. On "3-2-1 Go!", the synthesizer textures enhance the already bright tones. The keys shimmer with colorful dynamics, highlighting individual notes with ringing clarity.

The title "3-2-1 Go!" really captures the essence of the tune. It's a burst of energy that makes you feel ready to conquer anything. Even the chorus section, it's like a jolt of excitement right to your core. After listening times, "3 2 1 Go!" keeps its ability to pump you up and inspire you. By the end of the song, you'll have the confidence to overcome any challenges that may arise. "3-2-1 Go!" gives you a sense as though the entire world is present for you to enjoy.

It's an invitation to jump in with open arms, seize the day, and remember why we love music. So crank it up, lace up those shoes, and get ready for whatever adventures may come. Give "3-2-1 Go!" a deep listen with headphones cranked. The song will have you coming back just to relive its magic.

Saiid Zeidan

The Pulltops are known for putting out infectiously addictive anthems, and their latest single "3-2-1 Go!" is primed for liftoff straight into your ears and heart. Kicking into high gear from the opening measures, this uptempo number invites listeners aboard for a joyride of spirited instrumentation, effervescent vocals, and an undeniably charming refrain that's impossible not to sing along to.

With its driving beat, twangy guitars, and buoyant melodies, "3-2-1 Go!" captures the essence of what The Pulltops do best, forging vivacious pop-rock gems that lift your spirits. Right from the start, drummer Mark Pierret lays down a propulsive backbeat anchored by pulsating basslines. The tight interplay provides the very best launch pad for the crunchy guitar riffs to lift off. The vocal performance is exuberant, with the expressive tenor cutting through with rousing energy. The passionate refrain is belted out with a passion that complements the song's inspiring message: it's time to chase your dreams.

"3-2-1 Go!" maintains a steady climb, building in anticipation of its big payoff. The Pulltops summon all their musical prowess to build the ultimate soundtrack for motivation, a track primed to become the unofficial theme song of dream chasers everywhere.

The Pulltops have a distinct style that their instantly catchy songs and lively musicianship may define, drawing inspiration from the greatest names in arena rock and power pop. "3-2-1 Go!" exemplifies their talent for creating appealing rock songs that cater to a broader audience. Every component of the song is artfully constructed for optimum effect, from the bass and drums serving as the basis to the complex layers of guitar and synthesizing in the background to the powerful vocals taking center stage.

"3-2-1 Go!" also speaks to The Pulltops' enduring creativity. Even after multiple acclaimed releases, they refuse to rest on their laurels, instead continually pushing their sound in new directions. On this track, they infuse their trademark brand of hook-driven rock with pop flavor and a retro synth wave spirit. It's a special Pulltops twist that keeps their music feeling fresh.

After over a decade together, The Pulltops' magic clearly shows no signs of fading. If anything, "3-2-1 Go!" proves they only continue to sharpen their skills. If "3-2-1 Go!" has you as fired up as we are, be sure to follow The Pulltops' upcoming adventures. You can keep up with the latest news online. Whether you need an energizing anthem to start your day or want some upbeat tunes to accompany your workouts, this single will undoubtedly deliver. So don't just take our word for it, go experience The Pulltops' rocket ride for yourself on Spotify.

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Milwaukee-based duo The Pulltops build a climactic, ready-set captivation on “3-2-1 Go!” — strutting a radiant, hooky rock appeal with synth-touched flourishing. Drummer Mark Pierret and guitarist Tom Crowell continue their strong stretch of singles, impressing in prior months with “Make Me Smile” and “Here We Are.” The Pulltops describe “3-2-1 Go!” as “about diving head first into making your dreams come true.”

“Put your boots on, set your sights on a brand new days,” the opening vocals encourage, stressing a time-is-now ethos in not “waiting for the sun,” to go down. The crisp, harmonious guitar tones and soaring vocals drive into a satiating chorus with glistening synth infusions, capped off by a title-touting charisma into the “whoa-oh,” enthusiasm of the subsequent verses. The Pulltops continue to showcase their hook-filled rock songwriting smarts with “3-2-1 Go!”

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Milwaukee-based duo The Pulltops are back with a bang, delivering an electrifying new single titled “3-2-1 Go!” This uptempo anthem is packed with energy and positivity, serving as a rallying cry for chasing dreams and seizing opportunities. With their signature blend of alternative rock, power pop, and a hint of country rock flavor, The Pulltops showcase their knack for crafting infectious melodies and irresistible hooks.

Comprised of drummer Mark Pierret and guitarist Tom Crowell, The Pulltops have been making waves in the music scene with their unique sound and dynamic performances. Their musical journey began when they first joined forces in a band, bonding over their shared love for eclectic records and diverse influences.

While Mark’s musical palette leaned towards old country and soul, Tom drew inspiration from the experimental and underground scene. Despite these differences, the duo always found common ground in their appreciation for pop music and strong hooks, which became the driving force behind their songwriting.

“3-2-1 Go!” captures the essence of The Pulltops’ infectious sound, blending elements of alternative rock, power pop, and album rock with a touch of country rock vocal flavor. The track exudes an infectious energy from start to finish, propelled by driving rhythms, catchy guitar riffs, and memorable melodies.

In addition to their signature sound, “3-2-1 Go!” incorporates synth textures for a retro vibe, adding another layer of depth to the song. The result is a straight-ahead anthem that inspires listeners to get off their feet and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead.

With its uplifting lyrics and exhilarating melody, “3-2-1 Go!” is more than just a song—it’s a call to action. It encourages listeners to dive headfirst into their aspirations, to chase their dreams with determination and enthusiasm. In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, The Pulltops remind us that sometimes all it takes is a leap of faith to make our dreams a reality.

As The Pulltops continue to captivate audiences with their infectious sound and electrifying performances, “3-2-1 Go!” serves as a testament to their talent and creativity. With its irresistible charm and universal appeal, this anthem is sure to resonate with listeners of all ages, inspiring them to embrace life’s adventures and pursue their passions with unwavering zeal. So, what are you waiting for? As The Pulltops would say, “3-2-1 Go!”

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