The Pulltops

The Pulltops are a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based Power Trio with a singing drummer celebrating their 15th anniversary. Their music is best described as energetic Power Pop meets Album Rock delivered with a punk edge. They were formed in Milwaukee in 2002 with the release of their first and more up-beat Power-Pop focused CD, “8-Track”. Since then, they have added in Classic Rock and Album Rock elements along with instrumental experimentation resulting in a mix of hooks and moody rock.


Pulltops were formed in December of 2001 out of the ashes of Milwaukee band, Udi Subudi. The departure of their lead singer could have ended their career, but they saw it as an opportunity. The position of lead vocals was moved to drummer Mark Pierret. Guitarist Tom Crowell fills in with the harmonies, but will do the occasional lead to keep things interesting. Steve Kerwin fills in the bottom end on bass. Their wide variety of influences span from the 60’s and 70’s to Alternative and Modern Rock. Album Rock, Power Pop, R&B, Blues, Country, Punk and Psychedelic Pop are all combined to make The Pulltops sound.


They released their first CD, "8-Track," in December of 2002. This first CD focused heavily on the Pop/Rock sounds of the 60's. The CD went on to receive rave reviews, and gained radio play across the country. This release also landed them a slot at The International Pop Overthrow in Chicago, as well as the Milwaukee music festival, Summerfest.

The Pulltops released their second CD, "As Seen On TV," at the end of 2004. This CD manages to keep their 60's and 70's influence while sounding fresh and new. This album, however, has more of a focus on the 70's side of rock. The songs are slightly darker than the polished pop of their first release. This album sounds more mature and more developed. Three songs from the album were selected for inclusion in the theatrical release, "Dare to Dream: The Alan Kulwicki Story." This movie was released nation-wide in April of 2005. They launched a radio campaign in February of 2006. With the help of Howard Rosen Promotions, their As Seen On TV CD was promoted to 300 stations across the country.

Their third allbum was released in 2008. If you mix Pink Floyd’s experimentation, U2’s creativity, and the Pop sensibilities of the Gin Blossoms, you get the sound of The Pulltops self titled third album. This release brings them precisely to where they intended to be. Catchy melodies and rich harmonies are sandwiched between instrumental landscapes. All of which is covered with a dark edge that gives this album great musical depth. It’s Album Rock from start to finish.

2017 finds The Pulltops celebrating their 15th anniversary with two new releases. The first is a new studio single of an acoustic ballad entitled "Fly Away" with it's B-side, a cover of the Simon and Garfunkel arrangement of Scarborough Fair. The second is a live album with one hour set containing a mix of brand new material, along with songs from their last 2 studio albums, and a few covers for fun. They turn it up a notch for their live shows and add a punk energy and a few rough edges to their otherwise more polished studio sound. The familiar and catchy melodies are enhanced by new arrangements and extended instrumental jams that are a staple of their live shows.