Destination (Silent Underground Mix)

The Pulltops

Upbeat and driving, yet dark and moody Alternative Rock track mixing Album Rock and Power Pop.

The Pulltops are a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based Power Trio with a singing drummer celebrating their 15th anniversary. Their music is best described as energetic Album Rock meets Power Pop delivered with a punk edge. They were formed in Milwaukee in 2002 with the release of their first and more up-beat Power-Pop focused CD, “8-Track”. Since then, they have added in Classic Rock and Album Rock elements along with instrumental experimentation resulting in a mix of hooks and moody rock. They are influenced by a range of rockers from modern day Foo Fighters to the 80’s rock queen Joan Jett; from the prog rock of Pink Floyd to the suburban garage rock pop of Cheap Trick.

Destination is an upbeat and driving, yet dark and moody Alternative Rock track. The four-on-the-floor drums and pulsing bass lay down the foundation of what is a classic example of how The Pulltops combine Album Rock with Alternative and Power Pop to create a track that is equal parts fun and intense. This new version, mixed by Daniel Waldmann at Silent Underground Studios, is a special release to help celebrate their 15th anniversary.

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