Live En Route

by The Pulltops

Released 2017
Released 2017
A live album by a Power Trio with a singing drummer mixing Album Rock with Power Pop and topped off with a punk energy.
The Pulltops are a power trio with a singing drummer celebrating their 15th anniversary. Their music is best described as energetic Power Pop meets Album Rock delivered with a punk edge. They were formed in Milwaukee in 2002 with the release of their first and more up-beat Power-Pop focused CD, “8-Track”. Since then, they have added in Classic Rock and Album Rock elements along with instrumental experimentation resulting in a mix of hooks and moody rock.

Live En Route is their 5th release and first live album. This one hour set contains a mix of brand new material, along with songs from their last 2 studio albums, and a few covers for fun. The Pulltops turn it up a notch for their live shows and add a punk energy and a few rough edges to their otherwise polished studio sound. The familiar and catchy melodies are enhanced by new arrangements and extended instrumental jams that are a staple of their live shows.